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Glen Burnie MMA – Rolling

Glen Burnie MMA


Glen Burnie MMA


Just a couple of pics of me rolling with the guys!


Glen Burnie MMA

Glen Burnie MMA



Millersville Martial Arts – Mike’s Yellow Belt Promotion

Millersville Martial Arts


Milllersville Martial Arts – Yesterday (Saturday Oct 15), Mike was promoted to yellow belt.  When you see him on the mats, please congratulate him!

Here are two pics of Mike and I!

millersville martial arts

millersville martial arts


Millersville Fitness – Free 60 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

Millersville Fitness – Free 60 Day and Fitness Weight Loss Challenge

millersville fitnessMillersville Fitness - We had so much success with our first weight loss challenge that we are offering it again.  The 7 members of the last 60-day challenge lost a combined total of 68 pounds!

millersville fitness

Millersville Fitness – Ever felt unmotivated to achieve your goals because you feel they aren’t within reach?  Do you want excellent weight loss and fitness results but don’t know how to get started?  Not sure of what exercises to do or what program to follow?  No Problem!  We are currently accepting applications for our FREE COMBAT FITNESS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!!!

Millersville Fitness

Millersville Fitness - I’m currently accepting applications by private message to participate in our awesome Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge.  Our program is designed to help you shred fat, get toned, and get you in the best shape possible.  If you would like to be turned into a raving success story, contact me via email and tell me your story.  There’s a chance you could qualify for the FREE 60 Day Challenge!!

Millersville Fitness – I’m only accepting the first 10 to 12 qualified individuals.  Times, criteria, and etc will be discussed, if you are accepted, at the mandatory meeting on Sunday, Oct 30, at 2pm.  Don’t delay and message me now!  I’m very excited about hearing from you.


Jiu-Jitsu Jon

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