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Millersville MMA and Fitness – Weight Loss Challenge Accepted

Millersville MMA – Fitness Challenge Accepted

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Millersville MMA – These members (3 more not pictured) qualified and accepted the Combat Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.  I will be posting their Weight Loss Journey over the next 60 days.  Please send them encouraging words and wish them well along the way.  They made the first and hardest step in this journey just by walking through the door.  This is a huge step and a big decision.  I have no doubt they will succeed.

BTW, these guys were so eager to start the challenge, we had our first workout today.  I only had planned to discuss the rules of the challenge.  However, they said that since they were at the gym, they wanted to start now.  They all did well.  Congrats on your first workout and making the decision to change your life!

FREE 60 Day Combat Fitness Weight Loss Challenge

 FREE 60 Day Combat Fitness Challenge – Millersville

Millersville Fitness


Ever wanted to change your fitness and eating lifestyle?  Concerned about cost?  Not sure what exercise to do?  Not sure what you should be eating or not eating?  No Problem!  We are Now offering a FREE COMBAT FITNESS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!!!

I’m currently accepting applications by private message or email to participate in our awesome Weight Loss and Fitness Program.  If you are interested, please contact me via email (, with your story and there’s a chance you could quality for this FREE 60 Day Challenge!!  I’m only accepting the first 10 to 12 qualified individuals.  Times, criteria, and etc will be discussed, if you are accepted, at the mandatory meeting on Sunday, Aug 21, at 2pm.   Don’t delay and email me now!  I’m very excited about hearing from you!


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