Monthly Archive for September, 2013

Annapolis Jiu Jitsu | Kimura Lock

Annapolis Jiu Jitsu


Here is a video of Garfield Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Steve Adornato, showing a kimura setup from side control.  Big Steve also shows an option to finish the technique with an inverted triangle choke/kimura lock combo depending on your opponent’s reaction.



Annapolis Jiu Jitsu | Kuzure Kesa Gatame

Annapolis Jiu Jitsu


Thursday night Big Steve showed a series of attacks from kuzure kesa gatame. The series starts with a step over gi choke that can lead into several armlock options depending on your opponents reactions.  Here’s a pic from the class:

annapolis jiu jitsu

Big Steve showing the technique series!


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