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Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) | Setting It Off for The New Year

Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wednesday started the first official classes of the New Year at Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Both the kids and adult classes were packed.

Up first were the kids.  From their high energy level, I could tell they couldn’t wait to get back on the mats.  To allow them to burn their energy, we played games.  The games lasted the entire class.  Certain games are designed to accomplish specific goals.  The goal of these games was to work on the kids’ coordination and endurance.  After the warm up of Cali statics and stretching, the games began.

Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Kids Games

The main game we played at Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was Balance Race.  I divided the class up into two teams.  Those two teams had to break themselves in half then separate by going to each end of the mat and face each other.  I placed a line of target pads on the floor in a row in front of each line.  The pads were approximately a foot apart.  The first part of the race is for the kids to walk across the pads.  The kids can only use one foot on each pad.  If a kid steps directly on the floor, he or she must start from the beginning.  The kids must make it and tag their team member at the other end.  The tagged team member then accomplishes the same task going the opposite direction.  The first team for all of its members to finish first wins the race.

Another game we played at Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was to let the kids run in and out of the pads.  They were divided in teams as mentioned above.  The team that finished first wins.

I knew the games we played had done its job when at the end of class, the kids’ energy levels had depleted and some of the kids were ready to go home and rest.  Parents always give compliments when their kid leaves the facility ready to go to bed early when they get home.

Annapolis Brazilian Jiu JitsuThe adult class was full of energy as well.  There were 3 brown belts, a few purples, and a ton of blue and white belts.  No new techniques were shown.  We rolled for the majority of the class and reviewed some very basic techniques toward the end of class.

After class, we worked some takedowns.  We always have guys that hang around after class for additional techniques and rolling.

Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Setting It Of for The New Year

What an excellent way to set off the classes at Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the New Year!

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