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Annapolis MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) | Flower Sweep | One Trick Pony

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Garfield BJJ Student Setting Up The Flower Sweep

Annapolis MMA – You need options!!  When dealing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), you will need a variety of attacks to allow you to stay one step ahead of your opponent.  If not, your game will become one-dimensional.  One-dimensional fighters, also called one trick ponies, are fighters that are set in only one or two techniques.  But, when those techniques don’t work, they can’t adjust and tend to get run over and not progress.  Progression is huge for your growth in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

This past week at Annapolis MMA, we worked the flower sweep with variations and counters, in other words, options so that you won’t be a one trick pony.  At Annapolis MMA, we explore many ways to flow in and out of this technique.

The flower sweep gets its name from the wide swinging motion of the legs to accomplish the sweep.  It is a basic sweep and excellent way to off balance your opponent allowing you to easily transition from the guard to the mount.  Furthermore, it is an effective option for someone who defends the armbar or used to set up many other techniques.

As with any technique, the setup is critical.  At Annapolis MMA, we will not only show you the set up.  We will also show you how to finish and stabilize the progression of this technique.

As your opponent sits in your guard, begin the technique by gripping your opponent’s right wrist with your left hand.  With your right hand, grip the pants at their left knee or place your right arm underneath their left thigh.  Your left leg is swung out to your left to create energy and to off balance your opponent for the sweep.  Your right calf is chopping at your opponent’s shoulder.  At the same time, pull your opponent’s left knee.  The above is done all at once to create the sweep.  The end result is the mount position.  The mount position is one of the most dominant positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

As with any sweep, there are counters.  If your opponent counters your flower sweep, you can use methods of defeating their counter and return the favor by attacking with a triangle choke, armbar, knee bar, or many other techniques as long as you have options.  Annapolis MMA will give you those options.

Don’t become a one trick pony.  Discover effective options so that you can become very successful on the mats.

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