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Annapolis MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) As A Full Workout

At Annapolis MMA, Mixed Martial Arts involves a lot of exercise and is therefore regarded as a full workout. Normally, taekwondo, karate, boxing and other combat sports are practiced and all of these count towards our benefit. Depending on your coach or trainer you may be engaged in many drills both for the physical/health fitness as well as for strengthening your muscles for competitions and stamina. A number of exercises have been deemed fit for this sport and they can give you a good experience even if you don’t intend to fight in a cage or ring.

Warm-Ups – Annapolis MMA

These usually involve body weight exercises such as sprints and high subjection to push-ups and pull-ups. Depending on the facilities that your trainers have, you can engage in running round the pitch or have a bike for riding. For the beginners, it is highly advised to start slowly and accelerate towards stronger actions in the near future. During warm-ups, one is not limited to a number of jumping and if necessary people can use a skipping rope in turns just to get going.

Cardiovascular Exercises – Annapolis MMA

Whenever you get started with Mixed Martial Arts training, and depending on your goals, you might find that some coaches will require you to start your training with a run or bicycling. This is because the exercises are believed to improve the overall performance of your heart. You cannot expect to run for 10 miles in the first day, but it is paramount that you improve each day. Normally, when you get used to the exercise, you will realize that you can run 2 to 5 miles comfortably with a lot of endurance and this can indeed improve your performance. At Annapolis MMA, we always strive for the student to become better at each facet of MMA.

Weight Exercise and Bag Work? – Annapolis MMA

If your coach does not by any reason exempt you from using weights, they can be generally useful as you will be dealing with heavy people especially in competition and the experience can also strengthen your muscles. On the other hand, you need to improve your punching style and how to make the hardest shot possible. At Annapolis MMA, coaches will instruct the student on the proper body mechanics so that the most powerful punch will be executed. In the majority of cases, many prefer using a weighted bag either filled with sand or any other appropriate material that cannot cause injury since kicks, elbows and punches are involved.

In Fight – Annapolis MMA

At specific times, Annapolis MMA fighters are required to engage in sparring sessions with similar partners with equal training in order to evaluate ones defense capabilities. And in order to have less chance of getting injured, sparring-gear is employed which includes gloves for protection and other necessary outfit for preventing obvious injury. If one constantly engages in this sport, he/she will not see it as a form of defense or leisure but will definitely see it as a full workout for the betterment of ones health and physical fitness.  Annapolis MMA instructors are qualified to guide you through ever inch of each process to guarantee your full workout success.

Monitoring Your Heart Rate To Avoid MMA Overtraining at Annapolis Mixed Martial Arts

In a number of record cases, many fighters have been reported to have an injury or a cold just the day before the actual sporting event. Many people have seen this as bad luck while others try to associate with superstition. However the truth does not lie in such unprofessional beliefs but actually according to experts and trainers with many years of experience this is a result of a condition know as MMA Overtraining. This condition is closely monitored at Annapolis MMA.

So what does the condition cause?

It is normally a deficit that results from the stresses of excessive fighter preparations that break your body down faster than you can recover from it. This is otherwise known as pre-competition flu and is attributed to over training that reduces the body’s ability to repel infections. It is usually associated with combat athletics and is advisable to monitor all signs and symptoms in order to cut back the exercises before it is too late. Every fighter is susceptible to this and Annapolis MMA instructors are taught to identify it before it grabs a hold of the fighter.

Increased and decreased heart rate

One of the most effective ways of combating MMA Overtraining is monitoring your resting heart rate. It is usually done early in the morning when one is still in the bed. If your heart rate has been increased by 10% or otherwise 5 beats per minute, chances are that you have the condition already or you are suffering from something else. Also a decreased heart rate may imply that the hormonal and nervous system of your body has become exhausted. Instructors at Annapolis MMA advice their fighters to rest and avoid exercises the whole day when this arises.

Recover intervals

Another way to monitor your heart rate is analyzing how long your heart rate takes to recover after an exercise. For instance if you have been sprinting in the past and you have noticed that your heart normally takes 4 to 6 minutes to come down and all of a sudden it takes 7 minutes chances are that you have the condition. It is also advisable to monitor the heart rate for a given training intensity. One can decide the exact work to do for a period of let’s say three weeks and record the progress of your heart-rate; if it hikes with respect to time it is an implication that the condition is present. However, if the heart rate keeps on decreasing it means that the athlete is fit. Annapolis MMA trainers use this as one of several indicators that a fighter is ready for competition.


It can be very frustrating when loved ones or friends are eagerly waiting for that big day that you will win the competition only to be surprised that you are suffering from MMA overtraining. A good approach of avoiding such a condition is thorough monitoring of your heart rate using the proper workout to gauge the condition. This, coupled with expert trainers at Annapolis MMA, will put you on the right track. It is paramount to always do your best to stay healthy.

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