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Mental Preparation for MMA – Annapolis

Annapolis MMA – Wining a combat sport such as mixed martial arts (MMA) competition involves a lot of preparation. More than just the physical aspect, there is also something else that needs to be included in the training. With many wrestlers, boxers, kick boxers, and MMA fighters, there is conditioning and physical work outs that goes along with preparing for a match. However, there is another element that needs to be added – mental training! There are many things that will enter the mind of most athletes of which is thinking intermittently between victory and defeat. However, mental preparation for MMA has to be all about thinking and filling the mind with strength, strategy, fight roll playing, and victory.

MMA fighters are trained to inflict pain on their opponents. If they are not mentally prepared to do just this, it means their mind is filled with fear and in turn, thoughts of defeat. Once a fighter steps into the octagon, the brain should already be centered and focused on strategy to win rather than thinking too much about the next techniques, the audience, and their opponent which they have to have control over. Bruce Lee, the most popular martial arts fighter of his time, had said once, “The most powerful fighter is an ordinary man with laser-precision focus.” Focus is indeed a critical element in the mental preparation for MMA. It is not only just about focusing on the opponent or on the special MMA techniques; but more about being calm, confident and to be in the “zone” where the mind does not fall apart amidst pressure. When the state of mind is clear and visualizes only the moment set before it, then the rest of the body simply follows.

It is important not to feel any tension in the mind. In fact optimal psychological factors make the person feel relaxed and just moving with the flow of the fight. Many fighters and their trainers would claim that without relaxation of the mind, the body simply becomes restless and tends to strike the opponent without discipline, fearing their opponent will take them down or begin to take advantage of the fight. This action leaves them depleted of energy and rather pushes them to give in to their MMA opponent’s strikes and movements.

Everything begins with a single thought. We have encountered the saying many times over, “You become what you think.” Every single thought that is formed in the mind becomes your reality. It is the law of attraction. Sure your body can be the epitome of strength, muscles, and core for MMA. But without proper mental preparation for MMA, without confidence, and without relaxation, the mind can easily succumb to external pressures such as an onset of the opponent’s attack, doubting one’s own ability, and even being consumed by fear of losing the fight.

Mental preparation for MMA is the most powerful facility to include in your physical training especially when stepping inside the combat arena. Many sport psychologists and brain entrainment products help in the visualization of confidence and strength of the mind, therefore, poising the body for the win.

Slow Your Roll – Annapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Slow Rolling is an ideal method to achieve proficiency in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You don’t need to be a black belt to use this method of training. It is by far the fastest way to perfect your transitions, setups, and finishing sequences. The problem is no one teaches how to do this method.

One of the main benefits of this style of training is that everyone can roll together regardless of size, weight, strength, or any other physical attribute that you want to throw out there. Slow rolling makes it safe for beginners to get into the flow of rolling while maintaining every ones safety. Kids, women, and large men can all train together safely when you are slow rolling.

Another benefit of slow rolling is that it is an amazing way to warm up. You don’t have to go hard from the first minute you step on the mat. You also don’t have to bore your entire class with the same calisthenics day in and day out.

Another benefit of slow rolling is that when you are injured, you can still keep your skills sharp safely. If you have ultra competitive people in your gym who like to go like it’s the Olympic gold medal match every time, number one stay away from them, number two learn to use slow rolling and you will avoid a lot of injuries, while still being able to train even if you are injured.

Slow rolling is the perfect time to experiment. In the middle of a competitive match is not the best time to try that new move you just learned. Slow rolling takes the fear out of the equation and allows you to experiment with different moves and transitions. You will feel when the timing is right. Don’t get stuck in the “I never want to lose” mental state. If you only worry about wins and losses you will only try to do what you’re good at on the mat. You will never experiment with new things and broaden your game.

Slow rolling allows you to drill specific situations without having to fight to get there. This is a great benefit. Don’t leave it to chance that you might end up in the area you want to work on.

Ultra competitive rolling has its time and place. I do not want to say that you should never let it all hang out. However, slow rolling should make up the majority of your training.

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