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Tournament Results – NAGA DC – 10 Oct 09


Here are the Team Garfield Jiu-Jitsu Picks and Results From NAGA DC:

Nick Obert: 2nd Place Gi, 3rd No-Gi Kids Novice

Max Miller: 3rd Gi, 3rd No Gi Kids Beginner

Nigel Ibanez: 2nd place No-Gi Kids Intermediate

Cody Wood: 1st place Gi, 3rd place no-gi kids beginner

Drew Dadds: 2nd place gi, 3rd no-gi kids beginner

Clay Hudgens: 2nd place Gi teens Blue Belt

Phil Whitelock: 1st place no gi, 2nd place Gi

Jason Adkins 1st place No Gi

Chris Bumgarner 2nd place GI

Ryan Hubble 3rd place No Gi

Jamelle Jones 1st place NO GI advance

Isaac Heartel 1st Place Gi

Bremer Acosta3rd Place No Gi

Cindy Nuke 3rd Place No Gi

Megan Englebach 2nd place gi and no gi

Mike Stringfellow 2nd Place No Gi

Aiyana R 3rd Place Gi

Laurence “Lo Lo” Gensler 1st place Gi and no Gi

Ben Heffner 1st place no Gi 2nd place Gi


Great Job for those who fought hard, but didn’t place this time: All of you did well and for most of you guys this was your first competition.

Craig Kelley

Matt Lane

Patrick McMullen

Clay Wood

Shane Stringfellow



Big Steve Gets 3rd Stripe

Thursday night, Professor Sauer promoted Big Steve to his 3rd stripe for purple belt.  Just one more stripe before brown.  Congrats Big Steve!!!

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