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Jon Meets Kevin Rooney (Former Mike Tyson Trainer)

Tuesday night, I got the opportunity to meet and pick the brain of what many consider one of the best boxing trainers of all times, Kevin Rooney.  In case you have never heard of him, he took Mike Tyson to become the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion.   

Rooney gave me tons of boxing tips and secrets that anyone can immediately implement to increase their  punching power, fighting defense, and much more.  So, don’t miss class on Monday for we will be going over his philosophy and boxing techniques that he demonstrated to me.

Rooney also invited me to the fights that took place on Wednesday night at Martins West in Baltimore.  I got the opportunity to sit ringside at his personal table.  After the fights, he gave me his personal evaluation of all the fights and how each fighter could improve their over all boxing game.  It was a wealth of information and an incredible learning experience.  

Rooney and I traded contact information and will let me know when he is back in town.  He also invited me to Catskill, NY to see first hand where Mike Tyson and all the other boxing legends from that gym trained.  I will definitely take him up on his offer.


Big Steve Receives 1st Stripe

After class Tuesday night, Professor Sauer gave Big Steve his first stripe on his purple belt.  Congrats!  

Here is a pic of Big Steve receiving his stripe and a few other pics from class:

Professor showing side control escapes:

Professor showing a shoulder lock:

Professor, Steve, and Jon

NAGA Results – Saturday & Sunday, 8 & 9 Nov

First I just want to say that everyone did great!  Congrats!  Great training brings great results!  I’m proud of everyone, even if you didn’t place in the top 3 you gave people a hard time and fought hard. GOOD JOB!

Saturday – Adults

  • Dylan Robinson: 3rd Place Blue Belt Gi
  • Phil Whitelock: Masters Expert 3rd place Bronze No-Gi, 2nd place Silver Purple Belt Gi
Sunday – Kids
  • Kristina Wischman: Kids Intermediate (combined weight class 80-99lbs) 2nd place Silver No-Gi, 2nd place Silver Gi
  • Nick Wischamn: Kids Beginner 50-59 lbs No-Gi 2nd place Silver, Gi 1st place Gold
  • Parker Studebaker: Received a back injured in the 2nd round of No-Gi and had to forfeit the fight for 3rd place.  He received 4th place Kids Beginner No Gi 60-69 lbs.  During the fight for 3rd place in the Gi division, he had to stop due to the previous injury with 20 seconds left and up by points.  He received 4th place in Gi. Parker, you are a warrior! You have the “Heart of a Lion” by continuing to fight while in pain and injured.
  • Nigel Ibanez: Kids Novice 90-99 lbs 1st place Gold No-Gi, 1st place Gold Gi
  • Jack Mutchler: Kids Novice 90-99 lbs 2nd place Silver No-Gi, 2nd place Silver Gi
  • Brian Mutchler: Kids Novice 70-79 lbs 3rd place Bronze No-Gi, 3rd place Bronze Gi
  • Shea McKay: Kids Beginner 110-114.9 4th place Gi
  • Chase Wilson: Kids Novice 70-79 lbs 1st place Gold No-Gi.  They bumped him to beginner in Gi Division (He’s been training with us in BJJ for barely 1 month) 2nd place Silver beginner Gi Division
  • Zack Wilson: Kids Novice 80-89 lbs 2nd place Silver No-Gi, 3rd place Bronze Gi
  • Blake Donaldson: Kids Intermediate combined weight 70-89 lbs 1st place Gold No-Gi, Combined weight class 70-99 lbs 3rd place Gi
  • Colby Martin: Teens Intermediate 140-149 lbs 3rd place Bronze
Honorable Mention:
  • Matt IsdellYou got a nice hip throw on that guy! Lost by points in a different match, you did good bro!
  • Dave Loughry: Nice shoulder lock working your Dave Getame!
  • Graham Hutchins: You did great for your first time, lost fight for 3rd place by points.
  • Steve Colehouse: Nice triangle defense, came back and tied, lost only by advantage, good job!
  • Christian Wilson: Did great for your first time and only 1 month of training, won 1 by points and received a DQ for the accidental slam from guard…lol
Great job to all the competitors.  Continue to train hard!!!

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